Thu. Jan 27th, 2022

APC inaugurate new committee for February 26 National convention

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On Monday, the All Progressives Congress APC inaugurated a new National convention and Caretaker committee in Abuja. The Youth Progressives Movement (YPM) of APC championed the meeting.

Following the sack of the former committee who were accused of incompetency, the group has given the mandate to another set of youths which were carefully selected according to the Chairperson of the inauguration, Princess Zara Mustapha.

They are expected to plan and execute the convention which have been slated for February 26, 2022 and it’s expected to take place at The Eagles Square, Abuja.

The Movement today, also appointed a reconciliatory committee which will reconcile all aggrieved members in the country

The Chairman of the convention committee- Prince Mustapha Muna Audu

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