Sun. Sep 27th, 2020

Conversion of cars to gas fuelling begins in October, says Sylva

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By next month, the Federal Government will commence the conversion of
cars and generating plants for gas fuelling.

The Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, spoke on
NTA’s “Good Morning Nigeria” which our Abuja correspondent monitored
on Monday.

Shortly after his assumption of office, he had vowed to provide
alternative fuel that would be cheaper and affordable for the common

He had early this year pledged to provide the Compressed Natural Gas
(CNG ) that will sell for about N97  per litre as alternative to the

According to him, the Federal Government will convert the vehicles
free of charge as a measure to lessen the impact of the hike of petrol
pump price on the populace.

Sylva insisted that vehicles can be fueled by petrol and gas with the
necessary calibration.

He predicated the government’s decision for alternative as a measure
to embrace clean energy to crash the demand for petrol.

His words:  “The alternative we are now introducing is gas, which is
definitely going to be cheaper than the subsidised rate of PMS. So,
what we are trying to encourage Nigerians to do now is to convert
their cars to dual fuel.

“That means your car can use either gas or petrol and that will be
done for free because the government is going to ensure that you are
able to convert your vehicles for free.

“And when you convert your car for free, you go to the filling
station, you see the price of PMS (Premium Motor Spirit) you see the
price of gas, you can decide to buy LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) or
CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), you can decide to buy LNG (Liquefied
Natural gas). These are all going to be available and we are going to
have a roll out plan for this within October.

“Nigerians will have alternatives. It is like introducing a toll on
the roads. When you introduce a tollgate, you are expected and
required by law to also create an alternative. So, we are also
creating that alternative so that you can go to buy gas.”

The minister disclosed that the least consumer of energy in the
country will benefit from the conversation measure that is underway.

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