Tue. Jan 26th, 2021

TIPP OIL plans big for Nigerian lube market

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TIPP OIL, a leading German premium lubricants producer, has revealed
what it described as a ‘grand plan’ to take the Nigerian lube market
by storm with its premium lubricants, as well as its plastic container
deposit and buy-back scheme.

With the scheme, which is the world’s first in the lubricants
industry, the company buys back its 1, 4 and 5 litre plastic
containers from customers as a way of protecting the environment.

The plan, according to Olaolu Olusina, Managing Editor, Auto Report
Africa, agent for TIPP OIL in Nigeria, is based on the great interest
Nigerians have expressed in the company’s products following the
recent launch of a global campaign for distributors by the company.

TIPP OIL is currently expanding its distribution network with a global
campaign for new distributors for its award-winning and proudly ‘Made
in Germany’ quality products. Nigeria is one of the markets in Africa
where the German premium lube producers had already received good
expression of interest.

“Our deposit system (plastic buy-back) in the circulation system is
generating enthusiasm worldwide,” Olusina, quoting TIPP OIL Managing
Director, Sebastian Maeir, said. “We have received real interest in
our products from Nigeria and we are coming into the market fully soon
with our premium lubricants, using our plastic deposit system as a
great incentive.”

Olusina confirmed that the plastic buy-back scheme is fast receiving a
warm embrace in the markets where TIPP OIL operates with distributors
now using it as incentive to also boost sales.

“In Nigeria, TIPP OIL plans to use the deposit scheme to also boost
self-employment among the teeming youth, thereby assisting the
government in tackling a major problem. The beauty of it all is that
the jobs to be created through this scheme would be sustainable as the
German company is also planning to establish a training centre for
youth development,” Olusina said.

Olusina, however, confirmed that TIPP OIL is not entirely new in
Nigeria as the German oil and chemicals company already has a working
arrangement with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in
the area of industrial oils supply.

“TIPP OIL has also invested heavily in social welfare projects in the
country through affiliate organisations of some of the directors.
Launching fully into the market would therefore see more of such
projects in line with the company’s corporate social responsibility,”
Olusina disclosed.

With two lube plants and 25 offices in Germany, TIPP OIL is a global
player in the lubricants market as it sells its premium lubricants and
chemicals in 40 countries across the world through its partners,
accredited agents and exclusive distributors.

Widely recognized for its premium products and quality service
delivery, TIPP OIL won the 2019 International Best Quality Award in
Europe and was recognized in 2020 for the Lubricants and Deposit

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