Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

N10billion to be shared equally among Nigerians

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In a follow up to a publication initially released by ChopBarh Gaming LTD, they have released another publication on their social media handle @chopbarh (Instagram, Twitter) to clear the air and any misconception about their intentions. The Head of Operation for the company Mr Olanrewaju Idowu could once again be seen in the video stating the following: “Fellow Nigerians, We are all aware that on April 2nd, we released a publication that we were going to release up to 10 BILLION NAIRA to be won among Nigerians. However, what we didn’t foresee was the unprecedented traffic that would flood the gates of Fifty-Five room in the dice game. Hence, Just as how no one is able to check their JAMB result initially when it is released because everyone is trying to check at the same time, no one was able to play Fifty-Five mode initially because everyone was trying to play at the same time.

It gladdens my heart to let you know that the issue has been resolved and Fifty-Five mode is working perfectly now. The problem JAMB has been struggling with for over 2 decades, we were able to resolve it in less than 24 hours. However, during, the downtime we took time to observe and understand the reactions of Nigerians towards our publication, and we agree with them. We would like to officially apologize for initially trying to make them compete among each other before they could win something when we could have shared it equally among all. I am pleased to inform you that this money is not a donation, neither will it be a relief or intervention of any kind. Instead, this 10 BILLION NAIRA is strictly towards funding free coins for millions of Nigerians who will register on our platform, which they can then use to make millions. This way everybody will get something, no matter how small.

In order to access your share of these free coins, please follow these steps: 1. Go to

2. Download the app from the website (It’s Available for Android and iPhones)

3. Register and get your free coins

4. Play, Win and Withdraw. So, if you are a Whot Master, Ludo Warrior, Snooker Lord or if you believe You are the Oracle that Rolls Dice then use this free coins to focus on your strengths. Please play what you are good at which should enable you to make millions of Nairas with your talents by seriously flogging your opponents from the comfort of your home. We know they are a lot of Game masters and Pros among you as we have a lot of users who have made millions with their skills… we beg them to take it easy on the beginners and newcomers. Note that in the process of trying to win others, if you lose, then you would have lost your coins so please play responsibly. You can withdraw your winnings anytime instantly to your bank account

We believe our product will keep Nigerians indoors which in turn keep us safe during these worrisome times. Once again Stay at home, be safe play ChopBarh and God bless Nigeria, Thank you.” ChopBarh seems to be the new game driving Nigerians crazy. Maybe it’s because it is the only game available to Nigerians where people can actually win real money from, or maybe it’s because they have developed world-class versions of local Nigerian games. They are also giving users free coins for downloading the app from their site


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