Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

PDP blames Buhari for coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria

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The Peoples Democratic Party has reprimanded the Federal Government of Nigeria, over the confirmed case of Coronavirus in the country, and apparently accusing the Government of negligence, by not doing an effective surveillance and implementing enough screening measures to keep off the virus from the Nation.

A statement signed by the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, partly read: “The PDP notes that a responsive and proactive government would have mobilized effective surveillance and screening measures to ward off the menace, particularly at our entry points, but the incompetent, insensitive and Buhari’s administration, was more interested in propaganda and unnecessary showboating with false performance claims.

“The party also recalled that Federal Government had done nothing to assist Nigerian citizens stranded in China despite their pleas, just the same way it abandoned our compatriots who were being murdered in the heat of xenophobic attacks in South Africa. The PDP said Nigerians should directly hold the Presidency responsible should any national calamity arose from COVID-19 in addition to the economic and security challenges its negligence had caused our nation. Indeed, Buhari led government is a huge misfortune to our nation. This latest leadership failure further validates widespread calls for it to step aside for more competent hands to manage the affairs of our country.

“PDP therefore calls on Nigerians not to despair but stir up the Nigerian resilient spirit for an urgent, multi sectoral concerted effort by agencies, groups, corporate entities and public-spirited individuals to immediately curb the disease before it spreads, particularly given the prevalent security, economic and humanitarian challenges in the country.”

The PDP further urged the Federal Government to learn from the PDP-led government that was able to contain the Ebola Virus outbreak in 2014. “The party called on the Federal Government to end its cosmetic attitude and immediately adopt the proactive strategy used by the PDP administration to promptly contain the Ebola Virus disease in 2014,” Kola also said in the Statement.

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