Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Video: Lady accuses Rivers State Taskforce of physical and sexual assault

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A fashion designer in Rivers State, Homachi Wosah, has accused agents of the Rivers state taskforce of invading her shop in Rivers state and also assaulting her and her friend. In an eye witness video sent to our reporter, the assaulted lady claimed they were being assaulted for being ladies and helpless.

“This morning some men came to my Shop to harass me, saying they are from the Rivers State Taskforce. These men are not sanitation authorities. They are Rivers State taskforce meant to stop street trading and Street hawking. Seeing we were two helpless girls in the shop; myself and my friend, these men started harassing us to give them seven thousand naira,” she said.

She further claimed that in attempts to prevent the men from getting away with their sewing machine, they were touched inappropriately by the men. “I had to enter that bus because I cannot just let them go with my machines like that. These men pushed us, pressed our breast and did all sorts of things to us. I don’t know if this gets to the right Authority but please educate this Taskforce. Let them know their jobs and boundaries.”

According to the eye witness report, Homa owns the Homa Handss Unisex tailoring in Port Harcourt.


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