Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Senate condemns renewed killing by Boko Haram in Plateau state



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The Nigerian Senate has condemned the abduction and killings of Nigerian citizens from Plateau State by Boko Haram. The stance of the senate was contained in a resolution of the Senate following a notion brought to the floor of the Senate by the Senator representing Plateau North, Senator Istifanus Gyang.

Gyang who titled his notion: “Anti-Plateau Narrative and Killings Orchestrated by Boko Haram: A Ploy to Polarize Nigerian Citizens Along Ethno-Religious Divides”, said a total of 27 persons were killed by insurgents in a fresh attack on the people of Kwattas, Ruboi and Marish in Plateau State by Boko Haram. Senator Istifanus Gyang said: “the consequential effects of this defective anti-Plateau narrative has led to the abduction of over 6 persons, 4 males and 2 females. “Three boys including an undergraduate of the University of Maiduguri, were brutally murdered by Boko Haram at close range gunshots.” Senator Istifanus Gyang further said: “the anti-Plateau hate narrative are reminiscent of the Nazi Germany episode where the Nazi supremacist regime promoted the demonization of Jews and incited anti-Semitism as a justification for the subsequent gas chambers genocide against the Jews. “The xenophobic and hateful narrative being orchestrated by Boko Haram is intended to set other Nigerian citizens against those of Plateau origin.”

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