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Maryam Sanda sentenced to death by hanging

maryam sanda

maryam sanda

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Maryam Sanda, who stabbed her husband to death, is to die by hanging. Delivering judgement, Justice Yusuf Halilu of a Federal High Court in Abuja said:

“I am convinced that the defendant stabbed the deceased and therefore guilty of charges against her. “She is hereby convicted of the murder of her husband as charged. “She should reap what she has sown, blood for blood. “For it has been said that thou shall not kill and whoever kills in cold blood deserves death as his or her own reward or punishment. “The mindless and senseless killing of men and women in our society must be seriously frowned upon.”

“Accordingly, I hereby sentence Maryam Sanda to death by hanging. “Sanda should be remanded in Suleja Correctional Centre until the convict exhausts her right of appeal in the court of appeal,’’ Justice Yusuf Halilu said.

Maryam Sanda on November 19, 2017 stabbed her husband, Bilyaminu, to death following an allegation of infidelity against him after seeing a text message on his phone. Bilyaminu was son of former Peoples Democratic Party National Chairman, Dr Haliru Bello.

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