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Why Mikel Obi Did Not Marry A Nigerian Woman

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The decision of John Obi Mikel to settle down with his Russian girlfriend Olga Diyachenko came to many as a surprise considering the reserved nature of the former Chelsea star and his love for anything Nigerian.

However, Mikel who is now at Turkish side Trabzonspor is slowly building his family with his Russian beauty with a set of twins both girls named Ava and Mia. They are in the sixth year of the relationship which started from the duo being neighbors according to Olga.

The duo referred to themselves as husband and wife even though they are yet to officially tie the knot with Mikel the most guilty as he rarely refers to her as his girlfriend: ” My wife is a lovely fellow who likes Nigerian music, I do more of Nigerian movies than her but I am also a big fan of what our musicians are doing globally “, Mikel revealed.
He went further to explain why he settled for Olga as his wife as against the wish of many who were expecting him to marry a Nigerian as practiced by most men from the region he hails from in Nigeria which is the South East.

” However you want to look at it, the world is a global village now and most times you get so settle down with people where you’re based. I’m a detribalised Nigerian because I was born and raised in the northern Nigeria city of Jos even though my parents hail from the South East part of the country “, Mikel explained.

” I seriously believe Nigerian women are very hardworking, beautiful and dedicated with my mother and sisters also part of them. For me I spent most of my adult years away from Nigeria so when it was time for me to settle down I pick the one my heart goes for and it’s a choice that has brought me fulfilment “, he said.
On the Russian names of his twin daughters, Olga defended their decision not to give them Nigerian names by insisting that the kids are children of the world but according to Mikel his parents have tribal pet names to call the duo.

” We decided to name our kids without considering any particular origin because they are children of the world which is what my wife always insist on but my parents as most Africans do call them pet names. It’s so normal”.

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