Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

TVC Communications opens crèche for staff

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Anietie Udobit

TVC Communications, one of Nigeria’s leading broadcast companies, has opened a crèche within the premises of the Communications Broadcast Centre, Magodo, Lagos, where staff can drop off their babies and still spend quality time with them while at their work place.

The Chief Executive Officer, TVC Communications, Mr. Andrew Hanlon, said the idea came from the staff association to have a staff crèche in order to break all barriers of work in the organisation and to provide comfort, satisfaction and relaxed atmosphere for staff at work, knowing their children are safe and learning.

“The essence of the staff association is for us to work together that we break down all barriers we have in the organisation. Our aim is to be able to work together as a team to make it a place where every staff will come to work happily, relaxed and satisfied.

“To have a really great company, we need a work force that is happy, contented and that feels rewarded in order to be more productive.

“We are all in this together, that is the partnership between the company and the staff. The crèche is world-class facility, so this is a manifestation of what it means to have a great place working,” Hanlon noted.

Speaking, the Chief Executive Officer of the baby lounge, Itoro Ugorji, pointed out that it is not just a crèche but, most importantly, a child support system for working parents of who will be privileged to see the development of their babies even while they are absent.

The crèche, which runs 7am-7pm, is open all-year round and has a playground, drop off area, kitchen, healing bay, an activity room, cute restroom and snooze room. TVC communications believes, with this facility, staff can pursue a career and grow a wholesome family.

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