Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Kastina: Viewing centres to be converted to Islamic schools

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The home state of President Muhammadu Buhari has commenced moves to convert all TV viewing centres to Islamic schools.

On Tuesday the Katsina House of Assembly initiated the process following a combined motion presented by a Jibia constituency member, Mustapha Yusuf-Jibia.

At the plenary, which was presided over by, Tasi’u Maigari, the lawmaker gave the explanation, saying that schools were more important than the viewing centres.

He mentioned that Islamic education had suffered setbacks, especially in the rural areas, hence the importance of prompt action to address the issues.

Mr Yusuf-Jibia added that if his prayer succeeded, the conversion would also reduce the spate of insecurity in Katsina.

He cited an instance during a dialogue with some bandits where they complained of a lack of schools for their children, saying that the conversion would allow them to enrol.

“If my prayer scales through, it will also help in reducing the number of Almajiri children roaming the streets in the name of begging.

“Some of these viewing centres were abandoned and had become refuse dumps, criminal hideouts and a place where redundant youths hang around,” said Mr Yusuf-Jibia.

According to him, the government will recruit teachers to teach in the schools, hence providing employment for people in the state.

“Not only can the government but also the wealthy individuals and philanthropists in the areas employ them,” he said.

He added that the government established the centres across the state primarily to enlighten the public on the activities of the state government.

After deliberations by the lawmakers, the house ordered its joint committees on religious affairs and social development to study the appropriateness of the conversion.

The house also ordered the committees to assess the number of those centres and the non-functional Islamic schools across the state and report within three months.

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