Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
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On Monday on a virtual interview with Aspheric Tv, the Chief Executive officer/Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Shippers Council Mr. Hassan Bello gave an insight on the management and functioning of the Nigeria Inland Dry port. He spoke briefly on how insecurity is currently been a challenge for the proper working of the ports, he still said there was promised and everything will turn out just fine.

During the interview which happened on the 7th of June 2021 Mr. Hassan was quoted saying that “Insecurity affects every aspect of the economic life of the country, we think insecurity is a temporary thing, it is been dealt with and by the time we start having 3 or 4 dry ports we think they challenges would have been worn, but internally there must be security”.

He spoke on how investors through transportation are something that makes one economy efficient, he said “Transportation shapes the economy if you have old debilitated inefficient infrastructure that we trust that will tier economy but if you have modern efficient infrastructure so also would your economy be like”.

The executive then cleared the air about the dry port not been dependent on the railway way and how the comparison has a different yet unified economic determination by saying “No, the most efficient thing is for us to have an efficient system of multi-model approach and I think they two dry ports are served by road but we have railed so the shipper will have an option a choice so you will have a comparison so as to make an economic determination”.

On emphasis with boosting the Nigerian economy, the Bello said that “There is nothing that could boost more than the logistics, transport logistics, imagine all that we have harvested in our farms been processed and imagine all these things been taken outside the port. So the dry port leads to the diversification of the Nigerian economy, the dry port is the kick to the stimulation of the Nigerian economy. We need to have a civil economy have millions of Nigerians participating because right now the seaports are there they are clogged, they are miles away from the source of our exports, many people are shut down by the economy; they are not involved, but if we have the dry port it expands the economy. A beautiful thing is when you go to Kaduna where the dry ports are located, you will immediately see a sign that something is happening, you will see transportation, you will see other storage and other related activities, which means the economy is expanding. So the economy of Port Harcourt, the economy of Lagos will be repeated in Kaduna in Funtuwa in Kano, which means the economy will grow up in leaps and bounds and I think the dry port the government should give attention and provide adequate facilities for the private sector so that they are internally organized so that you will see how the Nigerian economy is boosted by dry port”.

And he finalized the interview by saying that “The efficiency of the port and technology, we don’t want the port to be like the old port of apappa, we need the dry ports to be modern ports, technologically driven, we want the digital port want payments to be electronically done where there is no need for the agency to be at the port, we want a “contactless” port we want an efficient, we want a port devoid of all the mistakes we have made in dealing with the dry port. So that is how we want the dry port”.

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