Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

UYF: Criminals now take a position behind ethnic and religious justification to avoid a date with the law

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The death of  Barr. Ahmed Gulak and Hon. Justice Stanely Nnaji in Enugu has brought many Nigerians sadness and many persons including the President himself have reacted to the death of the former.

In a press release that was signed by Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed Kazeem who is the President of Unified Youth Forum, stated that “Our attention has been drawn to the cold-blooded murder of Barr. Ahmed Gulak in Owerri and Hon. Justice Stanley Nnaji In Enugu state respectively, the deaths of these two individuals stand unreservedly condemned”.

“Conflict entrepreneurs and some forces are trying to trigger an inter-ethnic war between Northerners and the people of Eastern region and their plan will never see the light of the day InshaAllah, because we are at war already, considering the happenings in Northern Region and despite the combined efforts of all stakeholders we have nothing or little to show that we are winning the war against Boko Haram, kidnapping and Banditry. Nigerian Government in the last ten years of fighting terrorism in North East alone has allotted significant percentage of our budget annually to the fight at the expenses of Education, health, human capital development, infrastructure, research & development”.

It went further to state that “The two weeks ultimatum was given to the executive Governor of Imo state over the gruesome murder of Bar. Gulak by the leadership of Northern Youth Council of Nigerian and National Youth Council Of Nigeria (North East branch) is uncalled for considering the fact that; Imo state Police Command has issued out a statement to the current happenings within the state, and to be fair to the police force, despite the shortage in personnel and manpower they were able to engage and apprehend the perpetrators of this Cowardice act within a very short period of time contrary to our past experiences with the force”.

“Elites in the North have also been killed in the North including traditional leaders and retired army generals by the Bandits, IPOB killed a former Judge in Enugu state less than 20 hours ago and the Southerners have their own similar experience too, so what we are witnessing is an affirmation that Nigeria is in crisis and the crisis is recurrent and not limited to Imo state alone of Eastern region. I must not be misquoted, I’m not in any way justifying the ugly incident, and I can never justify such, but we Most promote national Unity at any rate, as Concerned citizens and stakeholders our duties as Civil society group’s is to ensure we avert this avoidable ethnic clash now or perish as the case of a general without battalion”.

Going on it highlights that “In Nigerian today, we are not only saddle with agitations but escalating and dangerous violence crimes across the country, criminals now take a position behind ethnic and religious justification to avoid a date with the law. The narration of hatred, violence, dismemberment have taken over our nation, threatening our national Unity and collective patrimony, we have never been so divisive, hate laced as currently seen today”.

Finally, the note encouraged the youths to remain as peaceful and law-abiding as they should, as it states that “It is in the light of these recent happenings, the Unified Nigerian Youth Forum wish to call on the youths of this country to remain calm, law-abiding and vigilant more now than ever. To put away personal, religious, and tribal sentiments for the benefit of our country, let’s fight collectively together in other to rescue our country for us and our children unborn”.

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