Fri. Jun 18th, 2021


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The honorable minister of transportation Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in his speech during the formal defection ceremony on Sunday said so long as a country or a community has an educated class they have a growing economy, he was quoted during the speech saying, “And the reason why I did what I did, was that believe me  I was born into a poor family, outside God the next thing that made me go to where I went to was education, if you have an educated class you have a growing economy; you know that! What we are currently suffering is that even those who their parents managed during the school can’t even get job me”. In a ceremony that happened on the 16th of May 2021, he went further to note that even though his political career suffered some sought of hiccups he has never been in opposition, “I have never been in opposition before, check my political life, in NRC we were in power after NRC, PDP; When we came back, we came back as PDP, We were briefly in APP then we went back to PDP in PDP I was the speaker, right? I was the governor in PDP and I joined APC as a governor and now I am still in power. It is you I worry about, it worries me and should persist if I retire tomorrow God has been good to me and I should be grateful to God”.

Rotimi went on to express his deep concerns about the ailing conditions of the youths, to which he said that “I worry about the youths, what Nigerian politicians do is that they don’t care about the youths. If we all care about you our employers   we will be careful the way we govern, we will be careful the way we spend the government money, we will be careful the way we speak, it is because elections don’t matter in Nigeria, if they know that you will vote and vote them out, they won’t misbehave, they have no respect for you; so it is not enough to say yes go home, we owe you the responsibility of a better life and I am not joking about it, I am not a good politician when people say you are a politician, I say I am not one because you will not catch me trying to lie, you will not catch me trying to cheat”.

The minister went on to fade out some of the agitations that some of the so called member of APC are chiming for he said “Some people petitioned to the National Party that they are not registered, they called I said go and register them, they are coming here to register them, let us see what excuse they have again, did you know that? Because we went round the state and said come and register, they say they didn’t come now the national party will come and register them by themselves; they are looking for excuse to go to court they are not members of APC, I know the trick they are trying to play they want to put us into, we will follow them, you know that? Just help us go home and mobilize the state to get ready for the election even you our leaders who have defected, you have not defected until we win, we are not like the rest.”

Furthermore he said “Do you know one thing about power? When it leaves you, you will be sick, you know there is this job in Port-Harcourt  that anybody who leaves his shell residential are, once he leaves there to town he doesn’t survive for too long , you know that? But you know why ill survive when I leave government? Because from when I entered , I entered as an ordinary man and I am going to leave as an ordinary man, ‘no governor, you can’t stop on the road ‘ I said why? Said its protocol, I said who makes the protocol?  it’s still the governor then I said the protocol will be when I see my friend I stop, because if I don’t stop, when I leave power if I stop he’ll say stop it, he saw me and passed.

“What is important is that APC members should go home when we call for meeting we will call everybody you will see I am very free, you are as entitled as the current APC members, I am not joking, you will see the names as the come out now, anyone will have official appointment, you will see that every person both new and old will have opportunities’ as you come, it will not be usual old. Let us win this election we will sit down together and the governor and we decide who goes that is what I did when I was governor, I cannot appoint someone from Eleme because I am not from Eleme, even Ikwere where I come from I will call a meeting and say they should go and appoint and bring to me, That opportunity you will have it now, there won’t be an emperor in our party”

“We are ready for those other members of APC if they are still members of APC, by law give them a chance, don’t give them a reason to go to court and succeed, will they go to court? The answer is yes when they go to court don’t worry focus on your mobilisation allow me and them in court, they will bring lawyers; we will bring lawyers. They are building grounds they have no supporters, they are building ground for court case we will follow them, so just allow them register that is why I am warning you, if they say bring into their house go to their house register them. Because asides the fact that they are all looking for trouble, we also need them, we need everybody, everybody is important, me my name is Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi I am a member of APC, I have a right to my choice, God will bless you give us some time”.

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