Sat. May 8th, 2021

Gbajabiamila, 9th House plans to tackle insecurity in Nigeria

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House of Representatives inaugurated a 40 man Committee yesterday, with the mandate of brainstorming and finding a solution to the debilitating security situation in the country

Performing the inauguration ceremony, Gbajabiamila said that though the security challenge has assumed an hard to control state, it awaits the 9th House to find a solution to the problem. He said that the Committee would hold a 4-day security summit in May.

The summit, Gbajabiamila said, would be open to Journalists because of its seemingly sensitive nature.

“We are all aware of the grave circumstances in our country today which has been so for some time. It has gotten to a point where this House, seating and deliberating and the Leadership felt the need to constitute this committee to begin to deliberate on how to address and tackle the situation we found ourselves.

 “It is in view of this prevailing reality that the House of Representatives appointed a special committee to undertake a comprehensive study of the challenges of our national security from the perspective of the legislature. At the end of it will recommend a practical and innovative solution that will help us to build up our national security and challenges.

“There is a clear and urgent need to take necessary action across different arms and levels of government and to articulate solutions to ensure an effective discourse of the challenges we face. In doing this, we must recognize the need to proceed with caution and wisdom so that we can respond to existing problems so that we do not further compound the problems or create new ones.

 “After our meeting yesterday where we met for over four hours, it was clear that we are all on the same page irrespective of ethnicity or party affiliation and religion. It behooves on us as a legislative arm of government to begin to fashion our ways to deal with this problem which seems over the years to be intractable. This 9th Assembly will find a solution to whatever the problem is.

“We will hold a four-day security summit beginning from the 24th of May to 28th of May and it will all be in camera because of the sensitive nature of the issues. We want everybody to speak truth to themselves”, Gbajabiamila said.

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