Sat. May 8th, 2021

Disclose identities of BDC operators arrested for funding Boko Haram-Nedum to FG

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Ali Ndume, who is the senator representing Borno south, is calling on the Federal government to disclose the identities of all the 400 bureau de change operators who got arrested for funding the Boko haram.

He made this statement during an interview with journalists in Abuja on Sunday.
Garba Shehu, Who is the spokesperson for the president, made claims that the government arrested some BDC operators who were directly and indirectly funding Boko Haram insurgents.
Ndume reacted to this saying, it is a necessity for the government to disclose the identities of those arrested while making sure that their trials are done publicly.

“The presidency said recently that Nigerians would be shocked if it revealed the identities of those who are sponsoring the Boko Haram insurgents,” he said.
“Can you imagine that 400 Bureau De Change operators are the people funding the Boko Haram?
“When the BDC operators are arrested now, what will the government do with them. The presidency is already saying their case is confidential. What is confidential about it?
“The presidency should expose the identities of all the BDC operators so far arrested and carry out their trial in public.
“If any of them is innocent, he should be allowed to go, while those found guilty must be made to face the music.”

He referred back to his own public trial when he was detained and put in prison for allegedly funding Boko Haram, Ndume recalled by saying that all trials must be done publicly, no matter the profile of these suspects are.
He went on to say that criminals are arrested and paraded without futile actions.
“When I was wrongly accused, I was tried publicly and I was vindicated. The trial lasted six years in an open court. If there is any criminal act linked to anybody. No matter how highly placed, let the evidence be placed before the public, there should be no secret trial,” he said.

“Nowadays, criminals are arrested and paraded without further action. Nobody knows what happens to the people who killed 11 soldiers in Benue state recently?
“What happened to those who beheaded policemen in Cross River state?

“If everyone is doing what he is supposed to do as defined by our constitution and laws, we would not have these problems. Citizens should expose suspicious movements.”

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