Sat. May 8th, 2021

NEITI Expands Focus To Environmental, Gender, Others Nigerian Extractive Industry

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Transparency Initiative (NEITI) on Wednesday announced plans to expand its scope of coverage to include environment, energy transition, gender inclusiveness in the extractive Industries among others.

Orji Ogbonnaya Orji, the Executive Secretary of NEITI, stated this during the opening ceremony of capacity building program for journalists, which held at Mararaba, Nassarawa State.

Daily Independent reports primarily NEITI has focused on ensuring due process and transparency in the payments made by all extractive industry companies to the Federal Government and statutory recipients, but said these role shall expand to other coverages for enhanced efficiency and accountability.

“The EITI has been changing on it focus and has moved from focusing on oil and gas, Extractives revenue to Environmental, gender inclusiveness and other areas” he said.

The NEITI boss reiterated NEITI will continue to strengthen its partnership with the media for effective reportage of the extractive Industries in the country.

He said that the media has a major role to play in ensuring that government gets value from revenue generated from the extractives industry in the country.

He said that Nigeria remained member country of the Global EITI and must be transparent in what happened in the sector.

This, he said the media must be abreast with those that helps in forming the opinion of the public.

” The EITI is evolving and will continue to change, it has moved from oil and gas, to environment, to gender and even to beneficial ownership.”

It is looking at why the extractive industry is dominated by the male gender and also at equity distribution in the industry. It has also expanded to energy transition. ”In all of these, how will the media report, interpret and form opinion of people in some emerging economies.

”That is part of why we are here, we need to be knowledgeable enough to be able to effectively report these areas and NEITI will continue to partner with the media especially in area of capacity building,’’ he said.

He further urged the Media to continue to be responsible in reporting and ensure that government revenue were properly remitted to help grow the economy.

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